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New Rochelle: When a Smaller City Fits

By Pamela Gwyn Kripke

In New Rochelle, the city’s mayor, Noam Bramson, said, “Whoever you are, whatever you are interested in, whatever your sense of an ideal lifestyle is, you will be welcomed and have an opportunity to pursue your goals.”

Home to around 80,000 residents across its 13.2 square miles, New Rochelle has nine miles of coastline and a variety of parks and nature reserves. Its established neighborhoods include sprawling residential areas in the middle and northern sections and more densely packed single- and two-family homes in the south. Zoning was recently approved to continue the creation of a mixed-use downtown district that will include 5,500 apartments, hundreds of which will be designated as affordable housing.

Source: Kripke, G. Pamela. (2016, May 18). New Rochelle: When a Smaller City Fits. Retrieved from

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